Green Room

In the green room of life

We all sit down, take off our masks and laugh

We congratulate each other on another a good show

Seated on the other side of the curtain where duality dissipates

We debrief, recount, replay, tallying up the sacred lessons learned at the end of the day

In the green room, the oppressor and the oppressed embrace

Realizing that we are one, smiling at the absurdity that we ever thought otherwise

Recounting blows, former harsh words melt into knowing smiles 

Disbelieving that we ever forgot that life is a dream, a game with infinite lives, a simulator in which to act out our drama

In the green room, there is nothing to fight about

Life’s perfection is seen clearly and we remember that we are whole, that there is nothing wrong with us, that we are playing

And we play again, vowing that we will remember our true selves this time around

In My Life

In my life

I’ve been privileged

To live in poverty and in relative wealth
Illness and health
I’ve lost love and gained,
Lived through madness, now sane
I’ve healed my body and brain
Felt broken, but now I know
I have always been whole
One with Spirit
I wish you well on your healing journey


‘My problem is that I just…exist’
She said to me, her eyes welling up tearfully

I asked, ‘is your existence a problem because you feel like you are barely surviving when you want to be thriving?’

‘Yes’ she replied

I looked deep into her sad eyes, and she into mine
I felt how she had hungered her whole life to be treated kindly
She lay emaciated in the bed before me
Her body was weak but I know her spirit is strong
                                                Because she has survived so much for so long

I saw much of myself in her: lifelong PTSD, trapped in psychologically abusive relationships, barely clinging to life, desperate for escape through self-sabotaging behaviors, walking the razor’s edge between depression and anxiety

The only difference between us is that I am her doctor and she is my patient. We have more in common than she knows. I thanked her for the gift of her presence in my life, for her perseverance and humor.

In that moment of soul-to-soul resuscitation, we felt complete and whole
That moment was enough