Swarthy Song

Though we may not know which way to go or much of anything

As long as there is wind to blow, we’ve got a song to sing

We’re salty as the sea and we have hearts that bloom like swords

So raise ye up, lift ye cup, and sing another chord

Though we may disagree when we do not see eye to eye

Our motley crew accepts our fate that the end may be nigh

Though we are not wealthy men, our ship gives room and board

For us to life in infamy, tis plenty ‘nough reward

Sea Change

You came in like a whale

Mapless, I didn’t know where you’d been or where you were headed

Your eyes held the treasures you’d seen and the mermaids you’d befriended

From first sight, you were all I could see- you filled my eyes until they overflowed

I felt so fortunate to behold you, if only for a moment

Your appearance above the surface seemed to be for me alone

I blinked and you crashed back into the depths, upsetting my little boat

The commotion stirred by your momentum smashed me to pieces

I’m still picking them up

You deftly moved on to a far away ocean, perhaps without knowing the wreckage left in your wake

Perhaps you never saw me

Yet my love for you remains deeper than the sea

I wait and watch the horizon, hoping to the moon that the tides will bring you back to me

Though you are not mine to have

Only in my heart could I contain something so much larger than myself


Your rage strikes my heart like a lightning bolt

Cracking it open and setting it afire
I am at a loss for what to do, so I warm my hands over the embers and wait
To transform, part of me must die
I cannot rush, only trust
How many times can one heart break?
As many times as it takes
To learn the sacred lessons
To consciously unite with the divine
Time and time again
Pain is pain, sensation is sensation
No matter the form or formal education
Lucid dreaming just before waking
I see a sea of broken hearts glowing in the dark
Each a floating lantern offered up
Burning with the same flame

Love Pirates

Lovers like you and me
we speak the same language
I know that shooting-star look in your eyes
promising me adventure
and pirate‘s treasure.
I too have tenderly plundered
leaving a trail of bleeding hearts
along the path of my travels.
Pirates like you and me
we belong to the sea
in open air, our shelter is the night
bathed in moonlight, the waves and palms sway with us
as we swim in each other’s arms, shimmering the water,
and are once again tangled up in blue.
Where in this enchanted ocean
is the truest treasure buried?
That beating ruby, deep in the sand-dunes of our chests.
X marks the spot
And we set to digging…
all night long
Sunday morning sober
It is time to sail toward my horizon,
and you toward yours.
Our pockets bulge with the memories
From our first dance, to our last look
Like so many precious gemstones we took.
Of all the fish in this vast ocean,
I hope you catch the one you most desire.