Swarthy Song

Though we may not know which way to go or much of anything

As long as there is wind to blow, we’ve got a song to sing

We’re salty as the sea and we have hearts that bloom like swords

So raise ye up, lift ye cup, and sing another chord

Though we may disagree when we do not see eye to eye

Our motley crew accepts our fate that the end may be nigh

Though we are not wealthy men, our ship gives room and board

For us to life in infamy, tis plenty ‘nough reward


Many a long year have I sailed my little ship on the high, sighing seas

I know the hunger of a sailor’s heart and the taste of the salty breeze

The sea is as stormy as a rose is thorny

I sail through storms of depression and anxiety

No matter how far I sail, it seems the sea won’t bring you back to me

I know somewhere the sun is shining, some other place, some other time

You are across the ocean blue

That’s why I am so blue

That’s why the sea is salty

Many a long year have I cried a tear and yet the ocean holds more

More than all the sorrow from all the tomorrows of the lovelorn sailors longing for the shore

I know the hunger of a sailor’s heart

I know the distance that we’re apart

I know the courage of a captain

I know the past and what’s happenin’

Many a long year have I cried a tear

And nobody knows but the sea