Falls on Her

The weight of the world falls on her shoulders

She must be strong because no one else will do what needs to be done

No one is coming to rescue her

She imagines her life with someone else and doubts it would be much better, though she knows it could be worse

She’s already walked through hellfire again and again and kept her cool, more or less

She pulls energy out of the depths of her exhaustion

If a woman’s work is trivial enough to remain unacknowledged and uncompensated, why can’t men do it?

It falls on her

Her body bears uncounted molestations and rapes

Scores of sexual harassments inhabit the confines of her memory

Her brain is bruised from hitting the glass ceiling of sexism early and often

She upholds the same world which holds her down

She grows life, labors and births it, gives her life to raise the future of our species with limitless love and forgiveness

Can she forgive herself for sacrificing to the point of self harm

Can she learn how to love herself and put herself first, or at least not dead last every time

It falls on her to teach herself unconditional love

She must break through the plastered facade of perfection which first protected her but then imprisoned her, revealing her tired yet tireless shoulders finally ready to rest

I’ve let it all fall on me, but I am ready to shake off my load and give to the Earth, give it to God

As above, so below

As within, so without

Without her, the world would fall down

She doesn’t drop it because picking it back up again is harder than holding her ground

She knows she is the one


You’re creeping on my heart

Changing my reality

When did you start moving in

Did you ask me

When will you pick up after yourself

You’re changing my reality

Fast-forward a year or two

I’ve grown to accept you

I’d still like you to clean up your mess

You’ve changed my reality

I care about you as a person, and how you treat me as a person

I don’t mind your broke down truck or your empty wallet

We are rich in love

We are supported by a foundation of spiritual love

Thank you for changing my reality