The First Doctors

Farmers were the first doctors

They care for ears of corn and eyes of potatoes

They cure onions and garlic and find out what is plaguing the tomatoes

Famers were the first obstetricians

They bring new life into the world

Laboring alongside cows, goats, chickens and sheep

Farmers were the first surgeons, carefully cutting up meat

In all seasons they are put to the test, tending to vegetable beds, from nursery to compost

Ridding all manner of afflictions

To the farmers and the nourishment they provide, let us give thanks before we eat

My Power Tool

I have feet to dance to any beat and legs to carry me down the street

I have a belly to laugh and lungs to breathe

Arms to reach and hands to make

I have a heart to love and a brain to think

But my most powerful tool is my voice

To sing my truth and express my choice

To move mountains without breaking a sweat

All I need is courage and my breath

To share what is beneath my skin and let out what was once within

Mango Moment

This mango moment

So exciting and so free

Was like any other

Til you gave a mango to me

This mango moment

So juicy and so ripe

Was like any other

Til I took my first bite

This mango moment

Golden as sunshine

I want it all

I’ll even gnaw on the rind

This mango moment

Mangoes have appeal

I’m in the mood

And it’s mangoes I wanna feel

This mango moment

Dripping everywhere

Running down my fingers

And lingering in your hair

This mango moment

Sucking on the seed

Now I know

Mangoes fill my every need

This mango moment

Making mango juice so smooth

So dreamy and creamy

I think I love you

Garden State of Mind

You’re in luck

Cuz I’m DTF

I keep it confidential that I’m full of potential

Potential STIs from random guys

I’ve got that garden state of mind

Jersey holds an eternal flame

The smoldering scent of gasoline, burning tires and disappointment

Always, always too much heartbreak

I’m only passing through

I never meant to find what I seek in you

He and She


He drugged her and got her drunk

He did things to her she’ll never forget

I wonder if he’d regret it if he could fathom the depths of the wound he inflicted so easily


She started to cut herself to release the pain

She smoked, swallowed and sniffed but could never escape for long enough

Does he ever think back to that night and wonder how she must have felt to be violated

Does he ever imagine the horrors rippling through her body still?

Does he see the selfishness and the cruelty of his actions?

She overdosed last month

She was revived in time

She is still alive

Tears flow from her eyes

She comes to me for relief

I hold space for her grief

I cannot undo the wound or the crisis which ensued

I can only offer a new way for her to view her pain today

The struggle is real

She will feel how she feels

But in harming herself she only perpetuates his actions against her

Together we form a plan that will allow her wound to heal


This cortisol currency you pillage out of me from depths unseen

Cannot mean as much to you as it means to me

Your hands remain empty as I am depleted

You are the storm-maker but I will not be defeated

I’m recycling my resources

Your hot air will run its course

I will hold steady

So go ahead, shake my tree

I have plenty of cortisol, from depths unseen

Enough for you and for me


I want to plunge into you

Get lost and find my way through

If I dive into your deep blue

I don’t want to hurt me or you

Though I know that diving into someone’s heart is not without risk

I wish I knew how to plunge gently

I like having you around, at least for now

But when we’re inside out and upside down

I hope I remember that you were a good friend

That gives me courage to plunge into your eyes, your arms, your mind, your charms

I want to surround myself with you, to take and to give

Please, plunge in

He Said

He said, ‘You have seen things you didn’t want to and done things you didn’t want to.’

He said, ‘You are insecure and untrusting because you don’t trust yourself.’

He said, ‘Forget the abuse you suffered as a child.’

He said, ‘You couldn’t be a librarian, but you could be a writer, you have a writer’s soul.’

He said, ‘You can’t change the lines on your hands, but when I cover them up, you can’t see them.’

He said, ‘You talk in your sleep and are afraid of what you say.’

He said, ‘You are the daughter of a goddess, and you shouldn’t cut your hair.’

He said, ‘You live in total service to others, but no one appreciates you.’

He said, ‘You are sensitive all over your body.’

He said, ‘Go forward in confidence, with firm steps, express yourself, go out more, form important relationships with the people you meet.’