Happily Ever After

All the fairy tales I was fed as a child ended in a wedding which marked the end of struggle and the beginning of happily ever after.

Although I am married, I didn’t have a wedding, so perhaps I shouldn’t expect happily ever after anyway, but let’s set realistic expectations for today’s youth.

No one ever talks about who makes the mortgage payments on Barbie’s dream house, or if Barbie is irate that Ken doesn’t do the dishes, or the countless ways that Barbie acquiesces to his wishes.

You don’t hear about the cost of marriage counseling weighed against the weightless feeling of walking away from the marriage.

I dropped the ball on my biggest crush because I thought that my strong feelings were enough. I was sure that adoring someone meant that of course they felt the same, and we’d both effortlessly stay that way forever.


Love quenches and parches and drowns and surrounds and swallows you and spits you back out again.

I always land on my feet.

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