Beyond Beyond

Go beyond beyond

To the soup of consciousness, the quantum state, the cosmic womb

Remember our empty, infinite, divine nature

We are the creators of our life

It is up to us to heal our wounds, take care of our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

On the rat wheel, what are we running for?

Hear the call to clean up your life.

Here resistance to the call, the fear to get out of your comfort zone

Take the leap, cross the threshold of inner adventure

Leave that toxic job, that toxic relationship

There is medicine for you on the other side of what calls you

Move from the zone of ordinary power to the zone of extraordinary power

Risk dying to who we have been to be born anew

Spend time in the belly of the whale: experience fears, inner demons

In the dark night of the soul, nothing familiar can hold me anymore, structure breaks down, revealing opportunity to build new structure

Floating in nothingness, I rest in the cocoon

Feel your wings, fly and fly

Encounter feminine in a new way: warm and kind, or wrathful and powerful

Father mountain will always protect me

I call in the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine

We have a precious gift, it is our task to give it to the world

Everything we do has to be for everyone and for the world

That is when we stop feeling lonely- when we feel connected to the web of life

What is the gift we are bringing to the world

We must give it- this is our hero’s journey

Every belief is limiting, but operational

You can’t change your mind until you change your brain

I have ceased to exist, only you are here

I don’t know who I am, but I think I’ll brush my teeth anyway

Emptiness is not empty: the quantum field is full of particles and directionality

Interconnection can be experienced

Who am I, where did I come from and where I am going?

Religion says I am going to heaven or hell

Science says I am one hundred trillion cells from primordial soup, not going anywhere

Spirit says, ‘Who is asking the question?’ I discover that I’m really not anyone.

The answers are not as important as asking the questions

Before we were born, we gathered together in a field.

An angel appeared and said, ‘It is going to be a rough ride, who wants to be healers?’

We volunteered.

Call on your lineage of medicine men and women

Tune in through your feet to Mother Earth’s Heartbeat.

It is ok for you to be here, this is your world, you belong here, this is your playground

You don’t have to be afraid, you can be yourself, the words will come to you, you can let people see you

We cannot be timid or disempowered in times of great crisis

The time is now to become a luminous being

Establish right relationship with all of creation

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