Synesthetic, not synthetic

Moderately modestly me

Ring around the table and I’ll tell you as best I’m able

The crown jewels never did it for me

I’m grateful for every precious gem of sleep

For access to health care- a thrill still relatively new to me

For each bite to eat that I didn’t scavenge from the trash

For no longer risking my life for a pittance of cash

In dreams I travel to places both familiar and wild

I’m ripe to be having a child

After putting everybody else first for so long, stringing my body along

‘I’ll take care of you later’ the whispered promise to myself echoed across the years

Now ready to write a new song and know that I belong

Instead of hearing a pummel of critique drowning me out

Like all repressed people, I’m gearing to shout

Throw off the weighted coat of shame I didn’t ask for

It was never my burden to bear

My nightlight glows from within

Even as I struggle to come to terms with my sin

Someone always has it worse by the mess they’re in

May I stop running long enough to dance

Sincerity and simplicity mean more to me than frills or fanfare

May my life be enough to hold my lofty intentions

May my mind hold enough to serve despite my apprehensions

May I give myself the gift of health each day

May I feel held by the divine love which permeates all

When worldly woes are nauseating

May I remain connected to source and keep creating

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