He Said

He said, ‘You have seen things you didn’t want to and done things you didn’t want to.’

He said, ‘You are insecure and untrusting because you don’t trust yourself.’

He said, ‘Forget the abuse you suffered as a child.’

He said, ‘You couldn’t be a librarian, but you could be a writer, you have a writer’s soul.’

He said, ‘You can’t change the lines on your hands, but when I cover them up, you can’t see them.’

He said, ‘You talk in your sleep and are afraid of what you say.’

He said, ‘You are the daughter of a goddess, and you shouldn’t cut your hair.’

He said, ‘You live in total service to others, but no one appreciates you.’

He said, ‘You are sensitive all over your body.’

He said, ‘Go forward in confidence, with firm steps, express yourself, go out more, form important relationships with the people you meet.’

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