Overnight breasts sprung forth from my previously washboard chest and even more surprisingly, my hair became curly

I suddenly had the body of a full-grown woman combined with the underdeveloped mind of a teenager

Delighted by the gifts nature had bestowed upon me, I exercised my newfound power

I had always been shy, so I was relieved that my body could do the talking

An empath without knowing it, I felt the attraction that boys had for me and interpreted it as my own

Neglected as a child, I got high on feeling loved, even if what felt like love was really just attention

Not yet fifteen, I made out with three different guys at the same party

‘You need to stop snacking and settle into a meat-and-potatoes relationship’, my girlfriend advised upon hearing the recount of my latest conquests

How much richer to have the depth of one relationship, instead of innumerable budding connections

I had many friends with benefits

I was the benefit

For years, I lived off of sugar and kisses- I still do, though I am more discerning of my sources now

Due to the trauma of being molested as a child, I kept my teen sexplorations at second base and above, redirecting wandering fingers away from my trigger zone

To all the struggling young people: hang in there, life gets better

Flowers spring from the long, cold winter

Just wait

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