Pooping in the Morning

I was thinking while I was stinking

About when we used to room together

We sweated it out throughout all kinds of weather

At night when we turned out the light

I’d hear a kerplunk- the sound of you climbing onto your bunk

In the morning I’d lift my head

The first sight I saw was you in your bed

In the early morn when I thought everyone was asleep except the bluejay singing

I would steal away to our bathroom and it wouldn’t be long until that I’d hear your voice say

Are you pooping?

I must confess that my heart beat inside my chest

My face flushed, I blushed like a rose blooming in the morning

I felt embarrassed that you knew I was pooping

I wondered as I hovered above the rim if you needed to be pooping too

Like the jay that’s blue, pooping and singing in the morning

We were roomies

Then we scattered like seeds to the wind

We had all kinds of adventures

We’re adventuring still

My heart light with laughter

When I’m stinkin, I think of you in the morning

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