Paper cut

I thought I would be in the dark and the cold all alone

Nobody calling on my phone

Then I opened my eyes

I found that all I ever wanted was always around

It was within me

It was quiet, without a sound

Yet it was all sounds

Suddenly every song was of love

Not the kind that drags you down, the kind that falls from above

All of my paper cuts were healed

All of the pain in my life was revealed as divine

And healed

Up-close the smallest wound appears a canyon

Not all of us get to sit under the banyan

We get our kicks on the road

The faster I ran towards what I thought I wanted

The faster I ran away from what I needed

We are all on a difficult journey, troubles untold

I wish you peace on your path, peace in your pocket, peace in your heart

May all of your paper cuts be healed

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