Second Worst

I wanted to share a pearl, at tidbit of wisdom from what I’ve learned about transactions and concessions over the years.

Purchasing the second-cheapest option instead of the cheapest is often worth it. For the thrifty, the second worst is truly the best and will be worth the seemingly extra expense up front.

This is certainly true with alcohol and hotel rooms.

Anyone who has felt the scald of bottom-shelf liquor tear through their oropharynx and esophagus will understand what I mean.

Regarding on-the-road lodging, the $50 per night rooms always smell like cigarettes and feel like cum stains and dog hair. Unless that is what you want to wallow in, spring for the $100 per night accommodation and rest in a clean abode, instead of fretting through the night and starting your day with a stench you can’t shake because it has seeped into everything you brought with you, including your lungs. Those cheap hotel rooms also don’t provide refunds, even if you booked online without realizing that it was a smoking room and upon discovery that it was a smoking room, immediately informed them that you would not be stepping one foot through the door.

You can try to learn this on your own, but I hope that someday I will help someone avert a hard lesson because of my mistakes.

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