Why is it that male energy becomes irritable under stress?

Are you incapable of being kind, of grace under pressure?

Do you feel threatened? Is that why you behave as if you are under attack?

Your judgmental words hit me like blows, sending me under duress against my behest

Blindsiding me at this hour.

Head spinning, I try to cry but still feel too surprised

Why are you so rude?

I have compassion for you

It isn’t easy carrying a killer beehive in your throat

The constant pressure to be perfect I know all too well, it’s a personal hell

You look down on me; an easy target for your stinging, patronizing critiques

I don’t think your motivational interviewing classes are working

Think of me as you will

At least I show up on time to work and communicate professionally, without putting others down

You must be lonely on your island of superior intellect

Forgiveness is hard, especially of myself

I wish I wasn’t bothered by mean boys, wish I didn’t care what you say or think

Maybe it’d be easier to brush you off if I didn’t physically feel your energy in my body, or if I didn’t sincerely care about your spiritual wellbeing

Your energy is directed at me, but it isn’t about me

Your energy is yours, I have my own

I stumble home, pulling briars out of my skin

So grateful to be feminine

Basking in the energy of our Earth mama

Hold me mama, help me to forgive

Hold the hurting, mama, help them heal and live

Instead of destroying, I prefer to create and preserve peace- don’t get me wrong, I know when to let go, but I try to connect to the

Present moment, wonderful moment

Though I do not speak my boundaries, help me maintain energetic boundaries mama

Help me protect and repair my energy

I am an empowered empath, I am strong

Strong enough to feel it all and heal it all

Or at least heal myself

I wish you peace in your heart, love in your home, healing on your journey

My energy has survived worse than you

I collect my energy together, powerful and shimmering

I’ll need my energy again soon enough

I need it now

I feel it now

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