My mother called my vagina my crack
As if I were broken
As if I were defective

As if I were dropped onto the floor and shattered,
left with scars which would not heal,
and yet I heal

Although my vagina was the site of many wounds;
the field for many lost battles,
I won the war

I was never broken
Though many tried to break me

I am unbreakable
I am whole
I am one with everything

Including my mother, and my countless rapists
Including those who love me unconditionally
Including Mother Earth and the Cosmic Womb
Which is dark and powerful
And has no cracks

Everything is seamlessly connected
In the web of life, no strand stands alone
Feel yourself in it- a dewdrop on a buoyant gossamer thread
Holding within you
The reflection of all of existence

If you look deep enough
You will see
That no one is cracked

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