Men Who Harm Women

Here’s an idea

Men who harm women
Should be put down
The way we put down dogs who bite

Such men should be taken to the Vet
And given a shot
Be put to sleep for the long night

Our systemically ill society
Condones the oppression of women
And allows women to live in fear of their lives
Their whole fucking lives
From childhood through adulthood
Entrapped by the same arms that embrace them

That is how men get close enough to control
They act charming at first
But beware
Because the sweeter the charm, the stronger the alarm
That will sound in your heart
When he turns on you
And lets his true colors
Bleed through
But the one who does the bleeding
Is you

Why do we put dogs to sleep after one bite,
But let men who do far worse things
Live free their whole lives?

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