The Color of Pain

The Color of Pain

Racism is an ugly schism
that breaks the face
of the human race.
It’s an unfair race
where most are set up
to come in last place

Slavery is an unwashable stain
across the fabric of history
a fabric I could burn,
so red-hot is the rage in me
It makes my stomach churn,
I turn yellow and green-
to think of the monstrosities,
unforgivable and unseen,
suffered by innocent people
with rich skin tones like yours
because of evil-doers
who were pale like me

Horrified and disgusted, I cannot understand
how anyone could justify
robbing people from their land.
When I think about it,
I find it hard to breathe
turning blue, I think of you,
and wonder what you see in me

With countless injustices
over so many years
all around the world,
people drowning in their tears.
What hurts the most
is that heinous acts still happen every day.
What words could I possibly say
to begin to take that pain away?
What medicine can cure such a
wide and gaping wound?
If you have the answer,
please let the world know soon,
so that the human race
can heal it’s face
to be beautiful and whole

let the sun come out,
to melt away the white-washed snow
it’s been a long, hard winter
you already know.
Let the earth weep rivers,
bringing new life where they flow
and let the sky smile, at last
in a unified rainbow

I am one drop of water
battling a tsunami wave
to turn the tide,
I must stay strong and brave.
Armed with the truth,
I’ll tell the people what I know:
pain has many colors, yes,
but we can heal and grow.
Perhaps one by one people will join me
and we’ll be unstoppable-
to make the world a place
where everyone feels safe
to show their face

Pain sprang from the hand
that inflicted it
but that hand must’ve learned pain
from first-hand experience.                                                                                                                                       I’m not trying to justify or excuse                                                                                                                      I’ve just spent my life trying to understand abuse
To anyone who is in pain
and is feeling contagious,
To the haters who are considering
doing something outrageous,
I say:
The remedy is within you
trade your insecurities for inner peace
you’ll feel better right away.
Replace your hate with love
and a brighter future starts today.
Only you have the choice
of how to use your body
and your voice.
I hope you choose
an action that doesn’t
end in bad news.
Haven’t we suffered enough already?
I want your pain to be cured, too.

Pain comes in many colors

Flames of many feelings
leap inside me
like sadness and fear
that today someone will be killed
needlessly, breaking the hearts
of those who hold them dear.
I will never know
the color of anyone else’s pain
including those who harm others
to me, it seems insane.
I hope these words
will bring new thoughts to their brain:
Imagine you are standing
in the other person’s shoes
Realize that the other person could be you.
May this help guide you
as you decide what to do.
Breathe deep
and feel peace
swell up inside you                                                                                                                                                Exhale and beam peace outward                                                                                                                          All around you

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