The ABC’s of PTSD

The ABC’s of PTSD

A is for Angry. Will I ever stop feeling Angry?
B is for Boundaries. What the fuck is a Boundary?
C is for Crazy Childhood. Crazy people did Crazy things to me during my Childhood that made me feel Crazy too.
D is for Difficult, Danger and Disability. It is Difficult to have PTSD because it feels like having a Disability that no one else can see. The Disability is that I feel like my life is in Danger all the time.
E is for Everyday. Everyday I have PTSD.
F is for Forget. I wish I could Forget the trauma that my body remembers even as my mind and heart try to let it go.
G is for Grateful. Despite the horrors I have lived through, I am Grateful for my life.
H is for Harm, Hard and Heal. It is Hard to Heal from Harm.
I is for I, Inner and Imagine. I am hopeful for a better future. I am learning how to listen to my Inner voice instead of Imagining the desires of everyone else’s Inner voices.
J is for Judge. Judge not unless you have walked a mile in someone else’s moccasins. That means that you should never Judge anyone. If you do Judge, it will probably just hurt your spirit.
K is for Kudos and Kind. Kudos to everyone who lives through trauma and still maintains the ability to be Kind.
L is for Little. The hardest part about being Little is that bigger people use their size to physically overpower me.
M is for My. My body, My choice!
N is for No. I want to shout ‘NO!’ to everyone who tries to touch me.
O is for OK. Right now, I am OK. It is outstandingly difficult to remember that most of the time I am OK.
P is for Private. My body is Private, but perpetrators treat it like it is public property.
Q is for Quiet. I like peace and Quiet.
R is for Rape, Real and Recovery. PTSD from being Raped is Real. I want to Recover and help other Rape survivors Recover too.
S is for Struggle, Strong, Survivor and Safe. It is a Struggle to live with PTSD but I am a Strong Survivor. I want to feel Safe.
T is for Trauma, Thrive and Truth. I have lived through much Trauma and now I am working towards truly Thriving by sharing my Truth.
U is for Unbreakable. My spirit is Unbreakable.
V is for Violated. I feel so Violated.
W is for Why. Why do some people mistreat others without wondering or caring about the repercussions?
X is for my eXes. My eXes played a sacred role in my journey.
Y is for You. You’ve probably experienced trauma too. I’m sorry that you went through that. I wish you a peace and healing.
Z is for Zzzz. I want to catch some Zzzz’s, but I have PTSD.

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