Ode to Planned Parenthood

You were the only source of health care
That was ever there for me
From the start of puberty
Through the hour of my greatest need

You and I and millions more know
The immeasurable good that you do
The prevention and education
The empathy and professionalism
You give so freely

The haters that blindly protest you
Know not what they do
They are ignorant of the
Compassionate care and hope you provide
Every day of the year
May your doors remain open always

In the dark societal oppression of women, you glow
You gave me birth control to cure my anemia due to a heavy menstrual flow
You gave me Pap smears all those years,
And STD tests all the rest
Because some men refuse to treat a lady with respect
You held my hand and saw me through
One of the most challenging experiences of womanhood
You gave me an abortion
When neither my personal nor my professional life
Provided an appropriate environment to raise a child

You are my pink safety net
Spun of angel thread
Thank you for catching me
Again and again

I am every woman
And I bow in deep gratitude to you,
Planned Parenthood




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