Love Pirates

Lovers like you and me
we speak the same language
I know that shooting-star look in your eyes
promising me adventure
and pirate‘s treasure.
I too have tenderly plundered
leaving a trail of bleeding hearts
along the path of my travels.
Pirates like you and me
we belong to the sea
in open air, our shelter is the night
bathed in moonlight, the waves and palms sway with us
as we swim in each other’s arms, shimmering the water,
and are once again tangled up in blue.
Where in this enchanted ocean
is the truest treasure buried?
That beating ruby, deep in the sand-dunes of our chests.
X marks the spot
And we set to digging…
all night long
Sunday morning sober
It is time to sail toward my horizon,
and you toward yours.
Our pockets bulge with the memories
From our first dance, to our last look
Like so many precious gemstones we took.
Of all the fish in this vast ocean,
I hope you catch the one you most desire.

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