Breaking the Record

Breaking the Record

My broken-record mind is stuck on the belief that
It is my job to make people happy
And if I fail to do so, I will be harmed and possibly killed
This leads me to spend my hard-earned money
Directly or indirectly for the cause of making people happy
And to spend my time doing things that I hope will make people happy
And my actions are dedicated to making people happy
And my words are carefully selected to make people happy
And when it comes to men
I put my body at great risk
In the name of making them happy
Despite all my efforts
I remain alone and afraid
Exhausted and depleted
With no time, money or peace of mind
And I am not happy
And the people in my life are not happy
And it frees me to know that I could never make anyone but myself happy
And whether they know it or not,
Other people’s happiness can only come from within
It never had anything to do with me
And I begin to sit still
And I begin to listen
And I begin to rest and relax
And I begin to be happy
My inner-happiness seed is still under the soil
But I feel the water and the sun
My growing has begun
Although people may not yet see it
I feel it
I heal it
I heal it by breaking the broken record more
I smash it to pieces and throw it out my door
I don’t need that old tune anymore
It was becoming a bore
I need to soar
To the beat of a new song
To dance all day long
It goes like this;
I can do anything, including what scares me
I can do the things that I never thought I could do
The power was always been within me to choose
I just didn’t know it
But now I know it forevermore
And I want you to know
That you have the same power
To heal yourself
It is always within you
What broken record do you need to break more
So that you are free from it
And your spirit song can soar?

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