A Woman’s Rage

A Woman’s Rage

Nothing man-made
Can measure a woman’s rage
It is deeper than the ocean
And more powerful than a Tsunami
We often do not make a scene
When men are obscene
But we know when crimes are committed against us
We pay the price for men’s abuse
with our bodies, hearts, minds, and lives
How much trauma can one woman hold?
How many violations can fit into one woman’s lifetime?
I keep on hoping that this time will be the last time.
What is the answer?
We do not forgive nor do we forget
We just keep on keeping on
Because we have work to do
We are the dragon warriors
Yet part of me longs to demonstrate my rage for men
To erupt in a volcano of noise
To smash and crash and shout
I’m tired of small penises attached to over-inflated egos getting in my way
I want to rip off your dick and shove it down your throat until you choke
I want to break what you hold dearest over your head until you are dead
I want to shatter glass and shove the shards up your ass
I want to throw you off the planet and into outer space
So that you are frozen from your balls to your face
And drift forever, all alone

But that is what caused you to mistreat me in the first place
You were lonely and felt powerless over your desires
So you abused what little power you had
Demonstrating how small-minded and weak you are
I wish that you will soon self-evolve
So that you will stop hurting women
But until then, I’m just another victim
Of the countless crimes committed against women by men
All day, every day

But fuck that kind of talk, I don’t want to be your victim
I am strong, and you were wrong
To do what you did
You know what you did
Go burn in hell
Fuck you
I hope you die alone
After a miserable life
You took from me more than you will ever know

I want to slam doors
I want to break things
I want to scream
I want you to know how much you hurt me
I want you to feel my pain
I want you to take it back
I want your eyes to burn as these words ignite on the page
I want you to feel a woman’s rage




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